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The Last Paintings of 2013

The painting I’ve done over the past couple years has been among the most satisfying and fulfilling work I’ve done to date. Actually, using the word “work” seems inappropriate – while time intensive, the process itself is pure joy. In 2012, I cranked out 21 pieces and matched that total again 2013. Unfortunately, that prolific […]

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For some, being a Vice President at a prominent Ad Agency is their dream. It wasn’t mine. I left the world of advertising on November 5, 2010. As I walked out the door, I posted this status update on Facebook: “Charles Rasmussen is happy today marks the day I stopped trying to be Don Draper and started trying to be Jon Hamm.” It was my own clever way of describing the moment and, later, the inspiration for the name of this journey. This blog is about me – an advertising executive who left his successful career to be an actor and explore his passion for the arts. This is my life – the people, places and things I love. There's a wealth of great content here. Feel free to search, go through the different categories to see the archives or simply check out the featured and recent posts. Enjoy!

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