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Atta Boy Trevor!

One of my good friends recently had some good fortune. My buddy Trevor Pitzel, er, Trevor Anthony booked a role on the ABC hit show “Modern Family.” It was incredible news and instantly put a smile on my face once I heard.

Trevor in many ways has been an inspiration to me. Similarly, he was once building a career in the advertising world – climbing up the corporate ladder. Then, one day, Trevor surprised me and all the folks close to him by leaving the ad world and moving to LA to pursue acting. For those who know me, that sure sounds like a familiar story, right?

I haven’t made the move to Hollywood yet, but I did follow Trevor’s lead by making my own leap in late 2010. Trevor, I believe, has been out in LA for seven years and he’s been making it work. Living the life. Surviving and working for that big break. Recently, that first break happened. And, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Check out Trevor’s clip from Modern Family below. In it he plays a perverted deliver man opposite Sofia Vergara and Ed O’ Neill. “Best Men” episode of Modern Family (Directed by Steve Levitan).



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