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Charles Secret Painting Website

I’m being somewhat sneaky here. It’s mid-April 2013. For the past couple months, my painting website has been up. Yup, you could find pictures of my work online – if you knew where to look. Some quick backstory… I grew up in the arts… I had work displayed in the Art Institute of Chicago at […]

Practically Married Debuts!

On January 1, 2012 I had a bit of creative inspiration. I was wrapping up some yoga and it came to me. A project that I could do with Mike Aparicio, Ray Hui and Tiffany Swalley. Three peeps I had wanted to work with on something for awhile. The idea: a comedic web-series commenting on […]

When Is The East West College Bowl Airing?

I don’t watch that much TV and there few shows that qualify as Must-See-TV (or in our modern world Must-DVR-TV). That being said, Comedy Central’s “Key and Peele” is inching closer to appointment TV status. These dudes are hilarious. Every time I see any snippet of their show – whether on the tube on the […]

Atta Boy Trevor!

One of my good friends recently had some good fortune. My buddy Trevor Pitzel, er, Trevor Anthony booked a role on the ABC hit show “Modern Family.” It was incredible news and instantly put a smile on my face once I heard. Trevor in many ways has been an inspiration to me. Similarly, he was […]

On the Set of Captive

In early 2013, I teamed up with friends and filmmakers Shannon Brown and Michael Bachochin on the indy thriller “Captive.” It’s a supernatural film cut from the same cloth as the SAW franchise. In the movie I play the antagonist – the Gatekeeper. Part of the reason I jumped on board was because this role […]

Time To Smile: Watch “The History of Rap”

Remember when Justin Timberlake was in N’Sync? Unless you were a teenage girl at the time, you probably didn’t view him as a megastar in the making. It’s mind boggling to think that JT has transformed himself from the curly-haired guy with frosted tips to a star that earns the affection of men and women […]

The Life of Charles: Five Months of Fun – November 20, 2012

It’s been a longtime since I’ve rock and rolled… And by rocked and rolled, I, of course, mean posted an update on my blog – at least on the personal slash acting front. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what Led Zeppelin meant to say when Robery Plant and Co. penned those lyrics. (Robert Plant voice) […]

TJ Jagodowski: That Dude From The Sonic Commercials

If you never gone to iO on a Wednesday night at 11:00, do it. That’s when TJ and Dave perform in front of sellout crowd, each and every week. For a mere $5, you get to see some of the best improv you will ever see. That’s not just me talking – especially, for those […]

Creative Geniuses Everywhere!

My friend Natalie Carlascio posted this amazing video on the ole Facebooks a few months ago. After watching, I had to reshare and post it here. In this video, courtesy of Ted.com,¬†Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert discusses our modern view of creativity and examines history to discover what’s at the heart of being an […]

Dhoom 3: Booked!

Accomplishing goals is pretty sweet. I highly recommend it. Recently, I got to be part of a major film being shot here in Chicago. A major film that most people will probably never see or hear anything about – at least in the US. I’m talking about the Bollywood Blockbuster Dhoom 3 (pronounced Doom). More […]

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