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My Fearless Oscar Picks

Of the eight major categories in the 2014 Academy Awards, I’ve seen every film except “Philomena” and “August Osage County.” Oddly, I had the opportunity to see a free screening of both – couldn’t do it. With two hours until showtime, here’s my take on this year’s Oscars – (1) who I think will win; […]

Auditioning For NBC’s Chicago Fire

The start on 2013 has been full of a great deal of excitement. One of the headlining events was an audition “and” callback I had for NBC’s Chicago Fire. It truly was a thrilling experience – one that I’m grateful to have gone through. I’ll get to all the details of those few days in […]

Atta Boy Trevor!

One of my good friends recently had some good fortune. My buddy Trevor Pitzel, er, Trevor Anthony booked a role on the ABC hit show “Modern Family.” It was incredible news and instantly put a smile on my face once I heard. Trevor in many ways has been an inspiration to me. Similarly, he was […]

On the Set of Captive

In early 2013, I teamed up with friends and filmmakers Shannon Brown and Michael Bachochin on the indy thriller “Captive.” It’s a supernatural film cut from the same cloth as the SAW franchise. In the movie I play the antagonist – the Gatekeeper. Part of the reason I jumped on board was because this role […]

TJ Jagodowski: That Dude From The Sonic Commercials

If you never gone to iO on a Wednesday night at 11:00, do it. That’s when TJ and Dave perform in front of sellout crowd, each and every week. For a mere $5, you get to see some of the best improv you will ever see. That’s not just me talking – especially, for those […]

Creative Geniuses Everywhere!

My friend Natalie Carlascio posted this amazing video on the ole Facebooks a few months ago. After watching, I had to reshare and post it here. In this video, courtesy of Ted.com, Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert discusses our modern view of creativity and examines history to discover what’s at the heart of being an […]

Patang Takes Flight

As an artist, I feel blessed that I consistently get to work with incredibly talented people. In the past year, I feel fortunate I got the chance to spend time and become friends with one such artist: Prashant Bhargava. I met Prashant’s Dad Vijay while training at Act One Studios a few years back. Vijay […]

Live From… Chicago, It’s Saturday Night Live!

Chicago’s ties to Saturday Night Live are quite well documented.  By grooming stars like Bill Murray, Jon Belushi and Mike Meyers among others, Second City has always been a hotspot to discover future Saturday Night players. Outside of the house that Andrew Alexander owns, the not quite as famous (but equally and perhaps even more […]

JoBe Cerny: Still Providing Cheer

This past year, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a remarkable human being – JoBe Cerny. That’s him on the left. Look familiar? You may recognize him from the iconic Cheer commercials from years ago (see below). You won’t hear him speak during the spot, but perhaps, if you did, you might also realize he’s the […]

Remembering Kathryn Joosten

When my Facebook feed is cluttered with Memes, I often roll my eyes. This one featuring the recently deceased Kathryn Joosten caught my attention though. It’s great. I Love it. Talk about a wonderful reminder that it’s never too late to go after your passion. I get to do what I love every single day. I […]

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