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Patang Takes Flight

As an artist, I feel blessed that I consistently get to work with incredibly talented people. In the past year, I feel fortunate I got the chance to spend time and become friends with one such artist: Prashant Bhargava. I met Prashant’s Dad Vijay while training at Act One Studios a few years back. Vijay […]

Live From… Chicago, It’s Saturday Night Live!

Chicago’s ties to Saturday Night Live are quite well documented.  By grooming stars like Bill Murray, Jon Belushi and Mike Meyers among others, Second City has always been a hotspot to discover future Saturday Night players. Outside of the house that Andrew Alexander owns, the not quite as famous (but equally and perhaps even more […]

The Life of Charles: Living the Dream – June 6, 2012

It’s been some time since I shared an update from the life of Charles. The last one came way back in December of 2011. Come on Charles! What’s going on? Well, 2012 has been eventful on countless fronts. As we approach the midway point of the year, I figured it was about time to spit […]

JoBe Cerny: Still Providing Cheer

This past year, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a remarkable human being – JoBe Cerny. That’s him on the left. Look familiar? You may recognize him from the iconic Cheer commercials from years ago (see below). You won’t hear him speak during the spot, but perhaps, if you did, you might also realize he’s the […]

Remembering Kathryn Joosten

When my Facebook feed is cluttered with Memes, I often roll my eyes. This one featuring the recently deceased Kathryn Joosten caught my attention though. It’s great. I Love it. Talk about a wonderful reminder that it’s never too late to go after your passion. I get to do what I love every single day. I […]

That’s What She Said: Great Advice From The Office’s Pam Halpert.

A great read for my actor friends. Pam from the office shares her (familiar) story of making it in the biz. It’s an informative and inspirational read for sure. Kudos to Chicago actor and improviser Erica Elam for the share. The Acting Advice Blog – by: Jenna Fischer from The Office I’ve received tons of letters […]

Issac Raises The Bar on Over-The-Top-Romantic-Marriage-Proposals-That-Include-Dance-Numbers-And-End-Up-On-You-Tube

So, this video is making the rounds. “Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal.” I guess the bar for over-the-top-romantic-marriage-proposals-that-include-dance-numbers-and-end-up-on-You-Tube has been raised. Thanks Isaac. By the way, if the room doesn’t get dusty after watching this one, there’s something wrong with you.

What’s The Secret to Better Work?

If you know me or have gone through the archives on this blog, you know I love me some Ted Talks. Seriously, spend some time on www.ted.com. My friend Natalie Carlascio posted this video on the ole Facebooks recently. It’s a speech from author Shawn Achor on “The Happy Secret to Better Work.” As far […]

Leadership: Not What or How… Why

Ted Talks are phenomenal. They are inspiring and thought provoking. If you’re going to watch videos online, you can certainly spend some quality time on www.ted.com. This video features author, marketing consultant and motivational speaker Simon Sinek as he gives a speech on “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” It’s certainly worth a watch. If you don’t have […]

Steve Jobs: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Steve Jobs is another one of my favorite people. His creativity, his imagination, his legacy will live on forever. If you haven’t seen his Stanford commencement speech, do yourself a favor and park yourself here for the next fifteen minutes. Heck, if you have seen it, watch it again. It’ll remind you of something or […]

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