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An Audition Nightmare Turns Into A Social Media Dream

Supposedly this video is based on an actual audition for a Superbowl commercial a few years back. This is the world I live in.

Auto-Correct Gold. Courtesy of Michael Pizza

Michael Pizza is one of the best young improv groups in Chicago. You can catch them every week at iO Chicago. Below is some auto-Ccrrect gold courtesy of members Ben Kass and Brett Elam.

Jason Segel Does Something Without The Muppets

I’m glad Jason Segel left the Muppets out of this snippet from season 37 of Saturday Night Live. I can’t help but laugh every time. Nothing like a little sixth grade humor to get you going. But answer this one for me… How did this video only get three and a half stars from user. […]

Funny Chicago People Blowing Up

Cook County Social Club has been called many things. The best improv group in Chicago for one (Chicago Reader 2010). The hilarious Tim Robinson and Mark Raterman of CCSC paired up and along with Director Any Miara created My Mans – a show they sold to Comedy Central this past year. The pilot is slated […]

Jet Eveleth Should Be Famous

I feel pretty lucky to be able to call Jet Eveleth a friend. She is a brilliant performer and one of the most genuine people I know. She has been extremely kind and generous to me and my improv group, Electric Lunchbox. She opened the door for us to make our iO¬†debut as an independent […]

The Great Balls Controversy of 2011

My friend and former improv coach Lyndsay Hailey is one funny lady. So, is Saturday Night Live’s Abby Elliott. It looks like they’ve both produced web videos that focus on a certain part of the male anatomy (see below). Sir Mix-a-Lot once penned an ode to the female backside. If Mr. A-Lot’s pop culture classic […]

Book Recommendations From Ozzie Guillen

Jasbir Singh Vazquez is one of the funniest people I’ve ever come across. I met him in passing a couple years ago. Two months later, we crossed paths again. He was blown away that I remembered his name. Now, I do have a great memory, but his name is Jasbir. How many Jasbir’s do you […]

Get Abducted By Awkward Spaceship

Dave Urlakis¬†and Zack Whittington have an improv team – Batterymouth. I’ve performed with them along with Electric Lunchbox. This dynamic duo also produce web videos under the cover Awkward Spaceship. I discovered their three minute clips of hilarity recently thanks to the ole Facebooks. Some good stuff here. Below are a couple of my favs. […]

I Dream of Tommie

If you read my previous post on Fantasy Football, you know that I like to have fun with Photoshop. In the league I run, each week the highest scoring team is “honored” with a “humorous” write-up and a visual “tribute.” Wow… lots of “quotation” marks in that last sentence… In the opening week of the […]

Nicolas Cage is Crazy

Nicolas Cage can be credited for helping Johnny Depp break into acting. He can also be credited for having one bizarrely evolving head of hair. This video, however, might be his greatest contribution to anything anywhere. Shared initially by one of my acting pals Jessie Perez, this video is a montage of Nic losing his […]

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