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Practically Married Debuts!

On January 1, 2012 I had a bit of creative inspiration. I was wrapping up some yoga and it came to me. A project that I could do with Mike Aparicio, Ray Hui and Tiffany Swalley. Three peeps I had wanted to work with on something for awhile. The idea: a comedic web-series commenting on […]

Atta Boy Trevor!

One of my good friends recently had some good fortune. My buddy Trevor Pitzel, er, Trevor Anthony booked a role on the ABC hit show “Modern Family.” It was incredible news and instantly put a smile on my face once I heard. Trevor in many ways has been an inspiration to me. Similarly, he was […]

On the Set of Captive

In early 2013, I teamed up with friends and filmmakers Shannon Brown and Michael Bachochin on the indy thriller “Captive.” It’s a supernatural film cut from the same cloth as the SAW franchise. In the movie I play the antagonist – the Gatekeeper. Part of the reason I jumped on board was because this role […]

Patang Takes Flight

As an artist, I feel blessed that I consistently get to work with incredibly talented people. In the past year, I feel fortunate I got the chance to spend time and become friends with one such artist: Prashant Bhargava. I met Prashant’s Dad Vijay while training at Act One Studios a few years back. Vijay […]

Teachers Web Series Gets An A

I’ve posted about Matt Miller and the Katydids on my blog before. If you want a good laugh check out “How to Live Like Beyonce” and if you want to learn a thing or two about the acting in Chicago go here to hear Miller drop some knowledge. Matt and the the Katydids recently got […]

JoBe Cerny: Still Providing Cheer

This past year, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a remarkable human being – JoBe Cerny. That’s him on the left. Look familiar? You may recognize him from the iconic Cheer commercials from years ago (see below). You won’t hear him speak during the spot, but perhaps, if you did, you might also realize he’s the […]

Sh*t White Girls Say To Latinas

I’m so proud of Christina Igarividez. She still hangs her hat at one of my old advertising agency stops. On the side, she does comedy. As this video will prove, she does it well. She is the Writer, Director and Star behind one of the better Sh*t People Say videos that are all the rage […]

Are You Ready For Some Photoshop?

Football is back! Giddyup. Like many American men, the NFL has a tendency to consume my Sundays from September through January. Granted, the obsession has been tempered over the years. A couple years back, when I committed to the Second City’s Musical Improv Conservatory program (classes were from 3:00-6:00 on Sundays), I knew the priority […]

Danny And Tommy Get Pumped For Mario

Two of my BFFs Danny Groh and Tommy Beardmore were recently featured in a teaser video for “Mario Marathon 4.” Check it out. Danny’s the one on the coach wearing glasses and holding popcorn. Tommy’s the adorable businessman listening to his iPod. They’re both quite good at “acting” excited. Nice work, fellas!

Charles Recommends: The Unemployed Life

I’ve been lucky to cross paths with some amazing people in my life. Two folks on that list are Kellen Terrett and Drew Mellon. They are 2/7 of the hilariously fun improv group “Honor Student Breakfast” or 100% of the comedy duo “Kevin.” These two are a pair of pretty special dudes and every week […]

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