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Patang Takes Flight

As an artist, I feel blessed that I consistently get to work with incredibly talented people. In the past year, I feel fortunate I got the chance to spend time and become friends with one such artist: Prashant Bhargava. I met Prashant’s Dad Vijay while training at Act One Studios a few years back. Vijay […]

JoBe Cerny: Still Providing Cheer

This past year, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a remarkable human being – JoBe Cerny. That’s him on the left. Look familiar? You may recognize him from the iconic Cheer commercials from years ago (see below). You won’t hear him speak during the spot, but perhaps, if you did, you might also realize he’s the […]

The Promise of a Sleep Journal

I’ve kept a sleep journal for years. I was inspired by the book “The Promise of Sleep” and basketball star Steve Nash. Using Excel formulas, I now have it automated to spit out the average time I go to bed slash get up and my average amount of sleep. As crazy and regimented as it […]

My Top 25 Most Played – According to iTunes

I decided it was time to update the ole blog. After all, I gots to keep churning out content – otherwise the ten people who visit my site with some regularity might not come back… Today’s inspiration? My “Top 25 Most Played” songs on iTunes. Yup, if you’ve spent any time listening to music in […]

Favorite Reads of 2011

I’m an avid reader. I go through a book a week. It’s exercise for the mind, people. While I do read plays and the occasional piece of fiction, the majority of my library is non-fiction. Behavior, psychology anything relating to the human condition is what I enjoy. My friend, Danielle Pfister recently commented: “You must […]

Acting in Chicago: Intro & Training – Schools, Classes and Coaches

Two weeks ago, I got a text from Katie Faris – a wild eyed actress I met at an audition who just relocated from Los Angeles. She asked me (via text) what are the best acting schools, teachers and photographers here in Chicago. To offer a proper answer, I would have had to send back […]

The Voice Guy: Wonderful Resource For Vocal Training

The other day I was reviewing some info on the Acting Studio website and was investigating one of their instructors – Kate Devore. As I was digging around, I stumbled across the Voice Guy – Eric Armstrong. From his website: Eric is a dialect, voice, speech and text coach based in Toronto, Canada, where he […]

The Music Box is a Must See

As I was drafting an update on some happenings in “The Life of Charles,” I was reminded of the LA Shorts Fest and one of the great films I saw when I was in attendance – The Music Box. Much to my surprise it can now been seen in its entirety on You Tube. So, […]

What is Meisner All About?

Find more videos like this on TheatreFace I’ve studied Meisner at Act One for nearly two years. It’s hands down the most valuable training I’ve had as an actor. I highly recommend it. Eileen Vorbach, Laura Strum and Ted Hoerl lead the program. Each of them is fantastic and give you the type of honest, […]

Matt Miller Drops Some Knowledge

  Matt Miller on Auditioning from Erik Schiefelbein on Vimeo. I decided I should start posting some more acting resources on my blog. I often find myself helping other actors and sometimes sharing some of the same info. Why not keep it in one central destination? There’s an idea! For the first post, I decided […]

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