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The Top All Time Songs About LA (or California)

As I was getting prepared to pack for my trip to Los Angeles, I decided to make a music mix of all the songs about LA and (slash) or California. While jamming out and eating some blueberries (something I’m know to do quite often), I thought to myself, “What’s the best song about LA and […]

Charles Recommends: The Unemployed Life

I’ve been lucky to cross paths with some amazing people in my life. Two folks on that list are Kellen Terrett and Drew Mellon. They are 2/7 of the hilariously fun improv group “Honor Student Breakfast” or 100% of the comedy duo “Kevin.” These two are a pair of pretty special dudes and every week […]

The Power of Vulnerability

If you’re not familiar with TED Talks, go spend some time on www.Ted.com. It’s a wonderful site and an amazing resource to learn to be inspired.  In this 20 minute video, Brene Brown, a research profession at the University of Houston, shares what she learned about the power of vulnerability by studying the human condition. […]

Life Lessons From The Former Fresh Prince

My good friend Sean Burns (or Seanski for those in the know) shared this video with me a few years ago. I’m grateful that he did. Since I mentioned it in my first post, I figured I’d put it up so others could see it. I’ve always admired Will Smith and been a huge fan […]

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