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Marbles Premiere Set and Trailer Debuts Online

Finally, for those wanting to catch a sneak peak of “Marbles,” the trailer is now available online. Written and directed by four-time Emmy winner Rory Karpf, “Marbles” stars yours truly and was recently appected into the “Los Angeles International Short Film Festival” or “LA Shorts Fest” as it’s also known. The premier of “Marbles” at  is set for […]

Braking and Eggs

Until recently, I hadn’t driven since I was 16. Well, that’s not entirely true. I had been behind the wheel a couple times (more on those two later), but let’s just say those instances didn’t end well – at all. On second thought, neither of those times included anything remotely close to driving. I’ll stick […]

The Karaoke Artist Opens Saturday!

I’m putting on my promoter hat here… Beginning Saturday, June 25, I will be starring in the “Karaoke Artist.” It’s a play directed by Aaron Lucas and being produced by Black Dove Productions that’ll be running at the Gorilla Tango Theatre for four weeks. In addition to being the lead, as the title suggests, there […]

Marbles Rolls Into The LA Shorts Fest

Some exciting news from the life of Charles came late last night. “Marbles,” the independent film I starred in that was shot in Charlotte this past March, was just accepted into the “Los Angeles International Short Film Festival” or “LA Shorts Fest” as it’s also known. This event is the largest short film festival in […]

The Maya Angelou Mash-Up Manifesto

For my first post, I decided to go with a five pack of Maya Angelou quotes to help introduce who I am and set the stage for the purpose of this blog. Now, I’m don’t own any of Maya Angelou’s poetry or books and I can’t say I’m a huge fan of her work. I […]

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