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Charles Secret Painting Website

I’m being somewhat sneaky here. It’s mid-April 2013. For the past couple months, my painting website has been up. Yup, you could find pictures of my work online – if you knew where to look.

Some quick backstory… I grew up in the arts… I had work displayed in the Art Institute of Chicago at age ten… Hundreds and hundreds of pieces were produced through childhood and adolescence… I considered art school and working professionally as an artist… Took a different path instead and embarked on a successful advertising career… Left that world at the top of my game in November 2010 to pursue acting and my other artistic passions full time… In February 2012, started painting for the first time in four years and produced my second painting in over a decade… That piece led to another and another and, in total, 21 in 2012 (plus, to date, nine more in 2013 or 30 in 15 months)… Now, we arrive at this post and continue with why this website has been a secret…


Like most artists, I’m a bit sensitive about how my work looks when it’s photographed or reproduced. In fact, that’s the main reason I haven’t shared pictures of my paintings on the old Facebooks or anywhere until now. Let’s be honest my iPhone camera does not do my paintings justice. Truthfully, the best way to view them is to see them live and I’m grateful that a handful of my friends have got to see what I’ve been up to for the past 15 months. Of course, I want to share my work with more people. That’s where the website comes in. It’s the first step in a big process that involves gallery showings, lithographs and a book. One step at a time.

The first step was nabbing a photographer. Earlier this year, I found one: Edwin Taylor. I brought him to my place to snap some high quality pics of my work. I was real happy with the pictures. I’m not quite sure yet if they’ll suffice for lithographs or other collateral, but they’re good enough for a website. The challenge is getting the color just right. One of the trademarks of my work is the color. It pops off the canvas and bring each painting to life. Through this process I’ve rediscovered it’s tough to capture that quality exactly in a photograph.

So, I’ve been waiting to publicize the site until I could get the raw files from the photographer and see if I could work any magic to make sure my work is best represented. Once I have some fun with Photoshop – whatever the result – I’ll share with the masses. Probably, soon after this post is published.

In the meantime, if anyone happens to stumble onto my blog between now and then, you’ve earned the sweet surprise of being one of the few to see my (beta) website: www.charlesartgallery.com. Oh, and here’s a couple pics to whet your appetite. Enjoy!



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