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Dance Monkey, Dance

What About Chrissy (2012) – A Short Film By Joy K. Jones | Starring Charles Rasmussen

I’ve been working on pulling together a reel that includes snippets of my film work. The project has taken a bit longer than anticipated as I’m currently waiting on footage from over a dozen independent and short films. All in due time, I suppose. I’m just happy and grateful to be working so much. Below is an eight minute short I did with the wonderfully talented (and Jeff award winning) Diana Simonzadeh along with Alyssa Llaguno. The film is called “What About Chrissy.” It was produced and directed by Joy K. Jones. Enjoy!



  1. […] with Film Festival recognition for two films I starred in “You Bet” and “What About Chrissy.” So far, “You Bet” has been accepted to four festivals and “What About […]

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