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Film Festival Frenzy? You Bet.

I’ve worked on a number of Independent and short films. I’ve been lucky as they’ve all been tremendous experiences and quality projects. Like many films in this world though, they don’t typically gain too much exposure. These movies provide an outlet to work, beat on your craft, meet some great people, have fun and learn from some great experiences.

Every now and then though you do get lucky. In a short period of time, I’ve been fortunate to be part of some fantastic filmmaking. One of my first flicks, Marbles, made it all the way to the LA International Short Film Festival or (as most people know it) the LA Shorts Fest.

This past Summer, I learned (although it doesn’t come as a surprise) that You Bet – the Indy short I starred in last Winter – is having quite the success on the festival circuit. So far, it’s been part of the prestigious Chicago REEL Shorts Film Festival and the New York Independent Film Festival. You can also add the Illinois International Film Festival and the Directors Circle Festival of Shorts as additional honors.¬†We’re still waiting on some other festivals (including some real big ones). So, keep your fingers crossed.

On top of You Bet, recently, I learned a short film I posted on this site – What About Chrissy – was accepted into the Sycamore Film Festival. Nice. When it rains it pours.



  1. […] Honored with Film Festival recognition for two films I starred in “You Bet” and “What About Chrissy.” So far, “You Bet” has been accepted to four festivals and “What About Chrissy” has been picked for one. Read more here. […]

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