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The Life of Charles

More Film Festivals On The Way!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the talented young filmmaker Michael Bachochin a couple times. We first crossed paths in 2011 after I was cast in his epic independent feature “Endless Earth.” During that process, I met one of my best friends Shannon Brown and another one of my favorite people Gail Hafar. Production ultimately was postponed on the project, but it was just the beginning of things.

In the Summer of 2012, I got a call to be part of “Communicators” – a short film starring Shannon that was being directed by Michael. My first day of shooting it was a scorching 107 degrees and, of course, we were shooting outside. I enjoyed a couple days on set before moving on to my next project.

Months went by and then we got the band back together again in early 2013. This time I was cast as the antagonist in the supernatural thriller “Captive.” My role included some intense make-up and special effects. It was a role unlike anything I had done before – and that was part of the reason I had to say yes (if you take a look at the video below you’ll get it).

I recently saw both film and was blown away. I haven’t heard the specifics yet, but I’m told they are both racking up Film Festival accolades.

Below are clips from both films. Enjoy!

Captive (2013): Gatekeeper Scene


Communicators (2012): Garage Scene


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