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Honored at the 48 Hour Film Festival

Recently, I participated in the 48 Hour Film race. It’s a project where filmmakers get together and complete a short film start to finish in 48 hours. Part of the fun here is that they give you a handful of specifics you need to incorporate into the film including the genre. A good friend of mine – Gail Hafar – recommended me to a Director and I decided to give it a go.

I worked with a cast and crew entirely made up of new faces. Just when you think you know everyone in the acting and film community here in Chicago you realize there are so many people you don’t know. After an action packed couple days, we wrapped our little dark comedy – Chill Pill – and got to see the rough cut. I was actually quite impressed with how it turned out – especially given the time constraints.

I later learned the 70 plus films were being screened at the Music Box Theatre in five or six different blocks over a couple nights. I didn’t catch when our flick was screening, but happened to make it out to one of the blocks to support some friends who also participated. I was blown away by what people whipped together. Some real quality projects.

The next day I found out our film was being screened that evening, but I couldn’t make it out. I later heard through the grapevine that “Chill Pill” was a hit that night. Nice. That made me smile. I was thrilled to hear it received a good response, but figured that was the end of it. Not quite.

I had sent the private link of the film to my Mom so she could see it. She was a fan and (even though the video was meant for just cast and crew) she started sharing it with some friends and co-workers. More great feedback. One colleague said he was a bit depressed one morning, sat down, watched the film and it made his day. It instant changed his mood. Wow. All right, now that’s pretty cool. I guess that’s that though… Not quite.

Next, I received a note from the Director, Chill Pill had been selected to be part of the “Best of (the 48 Hour Film Festival).” Hey, Hey! Great news. Is that it? Not quite.

Chill Pill was honored as top comedy and an audience favorite of the 48 Hour Film Fest. WooHoo!

At this point, I have to believe that’s it, but, if I’ve learned anything, I wouldn’t be surprised if more great news keeps coming.

Now, that the 48 Hour Fun is done, I present to you… “Chill Pill”


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