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JoBe Cerny: Still Providing Cheer

This past year, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a remarkable human being – JoBe Cerny. That’s him on the left.¬†Look familiar? You may recognize him from the iconic Cheer commercials from years ago (see below). You won’t hear him speak during the spot, but perhaps, if you did, you might also realize he’s the voice of the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Tee-Hee.

Those two gigs alone are career making in the biz, but that’s not all JoBe has done – far from it. My favorite description of JoBe as a professional is that he’s consistently been among the top 2% earners in the Screen Actors Guild for the past 30 years. Read that statement again… Wow.

JoBe’s no doubt been quite successful and, for me, he has reaffirmed my belief that the only limits we have in life are the ones we put on ourselves. Often times, Chicago actors have the belief that there is a ceiling for the amount of success you can have. It doesn’t seem like JoBe believes that’s true.

JoBe is a source of inspiration for me and countless others. I met him while visiting his studio Cerny American to record my voiceover demo. The service they provide is phenomenal and I highly recommend it if it’s something you are considering. JoBe interviewed me, wrote copy for my demo and directed me during the session. The final product, which they also mixed and produced, can be found here. All told, the service costs an uber affordable $650.

Beyond offering professional services, JoBe has been incredibly generous to me with his time. He’s become a mentor of sorts for me. That’s quite a statement. Anyone who knows me is well aware I’m everyone’s mentor. So, finding someone who can provide sound guidance is no easy task. JoBe has a friendly and warm nature, a wonderful sense of humor and he can entertain you for hours with captivating stories from his life.

I Could Have Been a Cabdriver... but I Became an Actor Instead: A Practical Guide to the Business of Professional Acting (Career Development Series)

Some of those stories can be found in his book: “I Could Have Been a Cabdriver… But I Became an Actor Instead.”

For me, it’s one of the best books on the business of acting – believe me, I’ve read ’em all. It’s an entertaining and easy read full of JoBe’s adventures that serves as a practical guide for aspiring actors and even veterans of the business.

It’ll no doubt end up on my year-end Favorite Reads of 2012 (see the 2011 list here) and will be a stocking stuffer for countless friends (assuming copies are still available – they’re in short supply).

If you can’t track down his book, you can always read about JoBe’s life and times on Screen Magazine’s website in his column “Adventures In Advertising.”

Getting to know JoBe has certainly been one of the many joys of my adventures in 2012. You can read all about them in one of my upcoming updates from the life of Charles. While you might be following my exploits, keep an eye out for JoBe. With countless successes already under his belt, there’s no doubt there’s still much more to come.



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