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List of Lists

This post is a list of lists. Some of my favorite content that I’ve bookmarked over the years. Stuff that I think people will either learn something from or simply enjoy. We live in a world of skimmers. No one reads anymore. If it’s in this digital space it better be a list or it’s likely to get skipped over. It’s the Twitter-fluence. 140 characters or less. I’ve taken note. While I’m an avid reader, when I’m on the web it’s how I’m consuming content too. As a writer, I’ve been economical with my digital ink over the years and attempt to be succinct, but I also have a tendency to exceed my word count. Case in point, on an update that’s just a list of lists, I’ve already blown past 140 characters. All right, let’s get to it… Here’s a list of ten lists:



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