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Live From… Chicago, It’s Saturday Night Live!

Chicago’s ties to Saturday Night Live are quite well documented.  By grooming stars like Bill Murray, Jon Belushi and Mike Meyers among others, Second City has always been a hotspot to discover future Saturday Night players. Outside of the house that Andrew Alexander owns, the not quite as famous (but equally and perhaps even more impressive) comedy houses of iO Chicago and the Annoyance can also take credit for shaping countless comedy stars. LA may have Hollywood and New York may have Broadway, but Chicago is unmatched when it comes to comedy.

This past September, Chicago pride swelled even larger when SNL plucked three performers from the Chicago community to join the cast. Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong and Tim Robinson are all now part of the not ready for primetime players.

This news is particularly cool for me as a member of the performance community in Chicago. These are people I know and it’s exciting to see them succeed. Now, I do have some friends who’ve been on the short list for SNL and while it’s disappointing they didn’t get their chance, you can’t criticize Lorne Michaels and company for these selections. I’ve seen all these folks do their thing and they’re among the best. Tim Robinson specifically might be one of the funniest people alive. Here’s hoping SNL let’s him loose.

A couple years back, Vanessa Bayer and Paul Brittan got the call to the big show. Before that Michael Patrick O’ Brien and Shelly Grossman were both hired as writers. Now, I see people I know in commercials, on TV and in movies all the time. But trust me, as an actor, being able to click on TV and see people you know never gets old.

You can read a bit more about the newest SNL cast members (and watch a few videos) by clicking here. You can also catch Tim Robinson and Mark Raterman in the Comedy Central pilot “My Mans” that I posted a few months back.  Enjoy!


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