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What is Meisner All About?

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I’ve studied Meisner at Act One for nearly two years. It’s hands down the most valuable training I’ve had as an actor. I highly recommend it. Eileen Vorbach, Laura Strum and Ted Hoerl lead the program. Each of them is fantastic and give you the type of honest, unfiltered guidance every actor needs.

In the two and a half minute clip shared here, Ted Hoerl gives a brief, high level description of what Meisner is all about.

For more info about Act One visit: www.actone.com



  1. […] interests, I’m also looking to do Matt Miller’s class at the Acting Studio and continue my Meisner training at Act One. Of course, I’m a believer in focusing on one thing at a time and investing […]

  2. […] so far. If you’ve been wondering what the heck the Meisner Technique is all about, watch this video. To me acting is about living in imaginary circumstances. It takes courage and requires risk. As […]

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