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Practically Married Debuts!

On January 1, 2012 I had a bit of creative inspiration. I was wrapping up some yoga and it came to me. A project that I could do with Mike Aparicio, Ray Hui and Tiffany Swalley. Three peeps I had wanted to work with on something for awhile. The idea: a comedic web-series commenting on “Married Life.”

The concept was inspired by my two friends Kellen Terrett and Drew Mellon and their impressive endeavor “The Unemployed Life.” I’ve posted about them previously. Check it. What’s amazing about them is they’ve successfully pulled off their own weekly comedic web-series for over two years (and counting) without missing a beat.¬†Impressed by their success, I was set on making my own magic.

The project with the working title of “Married Life” was intended to follow the life of a fictitious married couple (me and Tiffani). Mike would head up the writing of the show and Ray would direct. Tiffani and I would focus on the acting (and I’d also produce). Giving everyone involved ownership of a specific role. I pitched the idea to the trio – added my friend Avery Lee into the mix as a creative consultant – and, with gusto and passion, we started working on some sketches.

Like many similar projects there was a great deal of enthusiasm to start, but it became a challenge to maintain momentum and schedule shoot dates (once we got that far). Despite the initial excitement, the project dragged for months and it seemed like it might not ever happen.

After three failed attempts to shoot the pilot episode that each ended with last minute cancellations, Tiffani stepped aside due to a full schedule. In her place, we decided to cast my beautiful, hilarious and super-talented girlfriend – Jen Buhrow.

Fueled by the desire to at least shoot one episode as well as an eager, committed and newly minted co-star, “Married Life” became “Practically Married” and finally got off the ground. The premiere episode “Gift of Giving” debuted in January 2013. In one day of merely promoting it on Facebook it garnered 350 unique views and a great deal of love from the folks who saw it.

Mike, Ray, Jen and myself have another half-dozen or so episodes written, but have run into those familiar scheduling challenges. We’d all like to keep going and time will tell if we do more. For now, I think I speak for the group when I say we’re all happy we at least got to do one.



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