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That’s What She Said: Great Advice From The Office’s Pam Halpert.

A great read for my actor friends. Pam from the office shares her (familiar) story of making it in the biz. It’s an informative and inspirational read for sure. Kudos to Chicago actor and improviser Erica Elam for the share.

The Acting Advice Blog – by: Jenna Fischer from The Office

Jenna FischerI’ve received tons of letters from people asking advice about the entertainment industry and, in particular, pursing a life as an actor.People have also asked how I got to be on The Office. This blog, I hope, will address some of those questions.

I grew up in St. Louis Missouri.I always wanted to be an actor but when you grow up in a place like St. Louis that is sort of like saying, “I want to be a superhero when I grow up”.It hardly seems real.The world of Hollywood is mysterious.You hear stories of girls being discovered at ball games.Success is about having “it” or being pretty or some other intangible magic.You have no model for how to succeed.Everyone’s story is different.One person does stand-up for 15 years and then gets a TV show, someone else finances their own movie and it takes off at a festival and suddenly they are the hottest thing.But for each of those people there are thousands of stand-up comics and filmmakers who never got their break.How do you know what to do?

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