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On the Set of Captive

In early 2013, I teamed up with friends and filmmakers Shannon Brown and Michael Bachochin on the indy thriller “Captive.” It’s a supernatural film cut from the same cloth as the SAW franchise. In the movie I play the antagonist – the Gatekeeper. Part of the reason I jumped on board was because this role was so vastly different than most of the roles I’m typically cast. For a change, I’m not the leading man or the good guy. Instead of featuring my movie star hair and handsome mug I’m hidden behind special-effects and make-up that would make Freddy Krueger (or a more timely reference) blush. I’d love to share a picture of me in costume, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise (plus I can’t for legal reasons. I mean, who wants to get sued? Not me). As a make-good (old advertising lingo), I’ll offer the trailer below and some info about the film via the Kickstarter page. Enjoy!


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