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The Last Paintings of 2013

The painting I’ve done over the past couple years has been among the most satisfying and fulfilling work I’ve done to date. Actually, using the word “work” seems inappropriate – while time intensive, the process itself is pure joy. In 2012, I cranked out 21 pieces and matched that total again 2013. Unfortunately, that prolific […]

Charles Secret Painting Website

I’m being somewhat sneaky here. It’s mid-April 2013. For the past couple months, my painting website has been up. Yup, you could find pictures of my work online – if you knew where to look. Some quick backstory… I grew up in the arts… I had work displayed in the Art Institute of Chicago at […]

The Life of Charles: Five Months of Fun – November 20, 2012

It’s been a longtime since I’ve rock and rolled… And by rocked and rolled, I, of course, mean posted an update on my blog – at least on the personal slash acting front. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what Led Zeppelin meant to say when Robery Plant and Co. penned those lyrics. (Robert Plant voice) […]

The Life of Charles: Living the Dream – June 6, 2012

It’s been some time since I shared an update from the life of Charles. The last one came way back in December of 2011. Come on Charles! What’s going on? Well, 2012 has been eventful on countless fronts. As we approach the midway point of the year, I figured it was about time to spit […]

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