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Live From… Chicago, It’s Saturday Night Live!

Chicago’s ties to Saturday Night Live are quite well documented.  By grooming stars like Bill Murray, Jon Belushi and Mike Meyers among others, Second City has always been a hotspot to discover future Saturday Night players. Outside of the house that Andrew Alexander owns, the not quite as famous (but equally and perhaps even more […]

Acting in Chicago: Intro & Training – Schools, Classes and Coaches

Two weeks ago, I got a text from Katie Faris – a wild eyed actress I met at an audition who just relocated from Los Angeles. She asked me (via text) what are the best acting schools, teachers and photographers here in Chicago. To offer a proper answer, I would have had to send back […]

The Life of Charles: Summer Acting Updates

The other day, I realized, “Hey, I haven’t posted any updates on my acting website recently.” To be fair, I only try to put up bigger pieces of acting related news there and use this space primarily to share more details and riff on all the other things going on in my life. Have I […]

The Pre-Party Party Finale

My improv group “Electric Lunchbox” has had quite a year. Shows at all three big improv theatres (Second City, iO and the Annoyance) as well as being selected to perform at the prestigious Chicago Improv Festival. The Saturday, we are hosting our final Pre-Party Party at Studio Be at 6:00. This has been an amazing […]

Turn On Those Police Scanners – HSBPD Is Here

My improv group Electric Lunchbox has been described as energetic, fun, supportive and, now, as “local hooligans.” Starting Thursday, June 16, I’m teaming up with my BFFs from the Box in a show where we open for Honor Student Breakfast. It’s called HSBPD and will be running for six weeks at Second City in the […]

A Rap Song About Where I’m From? Hell Yeah!

Gotta love rap songs about my neighborhood. This video featuring the talented Ross Bryant of Improvised Shakespeare fame among other credits is all sort of amazing. Technically, he’s plugging a workshop at Second City, but just look past the marketing ploy and check-check it out.

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