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What About Chrissy (2012) – A Short Film By Joy K. Jones | Starring Charles Rasmussen

I’ve been working on pulling together a reel that includes snippets of my film work. The project has taken a bit longer than anticipated as I’m currently waiting on footage from over a dozen independent and short films. All in due time, I suppose. I’m just happy and grateful to be working so much. Below […]

The Music Box is a Must See

As I was drafting an update on some happenings in “The Life of Charles,” I was reminded of the LA Shorts Fest and one of the great films I saw when I was in attendance – The Music Box. Much to my surprise it can now been seen in its entirety on You Tube. So, […]

Under Surveillance: Table 7

My buddy Tesh Malhotra recommended watching “Table 7.” It’s a three minute-ish short film directed by Marko Slavnic. I jotted it down in the “Notes” on my iPhone but for some reason it took me almost a month to get around to watching it. Yeah, I guess I don’t review my notes too often. It’s […]

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