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The Karaoke Artist Opens Saturday!

I’m putting on my promoter hat here… Beginning Saturday, June 25, I will be starring in the “Karaoke Artist.” It’s a play directed by Aaron Lucas and being produced by Black Dove Productions that’ll be running at the Gorilla Tango Theatre for four weeks. In addition to being the lead, as the title suggests, there is a fair amount of singing involved. I’ve spent countless hours on my voice for a few years now and was thrilled to earn this amazing opportunity to showcase my work. It’s a great story, the cast and crew are fantastic and, most importantly, I’m in it. So, come on out and show some support. It world mean the world for you to see the show.

Details and showtimes can be found below or you can click here or you can check out the Facebook invite here. Do you have enough options?

The Karaoke Artist

Come on out and see the story of Skip Anderson, a Karaoke Artist who, in order to save a pet store, must face his greatest fears and pursue the National Karaoke Championship. Through his journey he discovers there’s more to life than winning.

Make sure you come early as the fun starts one hour before the show with audience karaoke!

Tickets are $15 at the door or $12 with a group of 12 or more (call ahead).

Show Dates:

6/25 – 2:00 (Preshow begins at 1:00)
7/2 – 5:30 (Preshow begins at 4:30)
7/8 – 7:30 (Preshow begins at 6:30)
7/16 – 6:00 (Preshow begins at 5:00)



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