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The Life of Charles: Living the Dream – June 6, 2012

It’s been some time since I shared an update from the life of Charles. The last one came way back in December of 2011. Come on Charles! What’s going on? Well, 2012 has been eventful on countless fronts. As we approach the midway point of the year, I figured it was about time to spit out the latest and greatest.

Some Updates From Charles the Actor

I entered the year with tremendous momentum. Life couldn’t be better. My work as an actor in 2011 grew exactly to where I wanted it to be. I felt it was time to reassess and I consciously decided to take a step back and refocus. While still living and breathing the arts, I put energy behind other areas in my life – more on some of that stuff later – and shifted towards creating my own projects. To some degree, that meant doing more with less and scaling back in some places. Here are the big headlines in a digestible bullet format:

  • Went on a hiatus from doing plays, but still successfully auditioned for a Fall/Winter production of John Guare’s “Six Degrees of Separation” at the Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago.
  • Said farewell to my improv group Electric Lunchbox. We collectively decided to take an indefinite break after two successful years and 100+ shows including performances at the Annoyance, iO and Second City as well as events like the Chicago Improv Festival. The love, playfulness and brotherhood was still there. All of us just were just having so much fun and success with our other projects, we found it hard to give the Box the energy it deserved.
  • Filmed ten indy, student and short films in five months, despite not actively seeking any projects. It’s nice to be established, well connected and have a knack for auditioning. Instead of looking for film work, I decided to simply consider ones that came to me and focused on creating my own stuff. One of my dreams is to create my own feature along the lines of a “Swingers” or a “Good Will Hunting.”
  • Successfully auditioned for a role in the Indy feature “Primal Woods” (working title). The demo trailer was shot in May over two days in Central Illinois. The experience was one of the most memorable in my career. It’s an incredible cast and crew. Filming of the feature will begin this Summer. I feel fortunate to be part of such an amazing and special project.
  • Began producing a web series called “Married Life” (working title). Season one scripts have been completed. Filming has been delayed, but is set to begin this Summer.
  • Auditioned for a handful of national commercials. I feel like something big is coming soon.
  • Completed the improv program at the Annoyance, did voice and movement work daily and had on-camera training with Matt Miller as well as the folks at the Green Room.
  • Wrapped production on my Voiceover Demo at Cerny American and had the pleasure of getting to know an amazing man – JoBe Cerny.

Some Updates From Charles The Artist

While I look to make my living as an actor, my interest in the arts isn’t limited to performing. Here are a couple significant updates – again, it bullet format:

  • A huge milestone for me, outside of my acting work, was that I began painting again. As those close to me know, I’d been drawing since I could hold a crayon and was immersed in the visual arts during my childhood and adolescence. My work was displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago at the age on ten and I considered either going to art school or working professionally as an artist at the age of 18. Instead, I took a different path and had veered away from my roots. After a powerful experience at the Art Institute this past January, I realized it was time to begin again and I’m on painting number six of 2012. My goal is to have at least a dozen paintings in the books by the end of the year and plan to have a showing. Stay tuned. Friends, if you haven’t seen my work, stop by any time.
  • Aside from the visual arts, I love to write. If you’ve spent time with me, you know I’ve got a way with words. Currently, I’ve got three projects at various stages – a guide on reinvention and living the life you want, a children’s book (complete with illustration) and a screenplay on parallel lives. All three will keep me busy for some time.

Some Updates From Charles The Human

In addition to all the time I devote time to the arts, I mentioned I’ve been focusing on other areas of my life. Here’s what I’m sharing… Yup, in bullets.

  • Giving back. Nothing brings me more joy than helping make other people’s lives better. While I do something to contribute everyday, I’ve also done a bit of life coaching this year and I’ve given consideration to doing it professionally to supplement my work in the arts. Additionally, I’m at the early stages of developing my own non-profit foundation. More to come there.
  • I’ve spent a good amount of time investing in my relationships. Spending quality time with my Mom and with all my friends (including taking a trip to Seattle to see two of my best buds). The relationship I’ve put the most energy toward though is with my girlfriend Jen. We started dating back in early January and she’s helped make my 2012 unforgettable. I thought I had an amazing life before I met Jen, but her love makes every aspect of my journey better. I’m so Thankful she’s a part of my life and I can’t wait to see the places we’ll go.

What’s Next For Charles?

The back half of the year promises to be exciting. I have some travel planned and, as detailed above, a number of projects and people to focus my time and energy. On the acting front, I’m working towards earning union status, but am most intent on creating my own opportunities (and consequently opportunities for others).

The life I get to live is truly amazing. I feel fortunate that I’ve consistently found success in everything that I’ve done. With my work as an artist, the remainder of 2012 is committed to not just ensuring this life is sustainable but filling my creative potential and having the tremendous success that’s well within my reach.

So, for now, enough writing… Time for some action.

All the Best,




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