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My Top 25 Most Played – According to iTunes

I decided it was time to update the ole blog. After all, I gots to keep churning out content – otherwise the ten people who visit my site with some regularity might not come back… Today’s inspiration? My “Top 25 Most Played” songs on iTunes. Yup, if you’ve spent any time listening to music in the 21st century, you know this feature exists. I find it fascinating and quite revealing. I typically always play music on shuffle except when I get new songs. In that case, I will listen to something new on repeat to nauseam. Also, I listen to pretty much everything from the past century of so of music. Rock, Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Punk, Alternative, Musical Theatre, even a “small” sample of popular Country songs. In other words, my rundown is going to be all over the map. Worth noting is that if I were to make a Top 25 songs list, it would look quite different. Then again, that’s not what this is about. So without any further build up, let’s take a look my list (links provided where available):

25. The Jackson Five, I Want You Back; Gym Class Heroes, Clothes Off; Peter Gabriel, Sledgehammer; Ike Reilly Assignation, I Don’t Want What You Got Going On – Got a bit of a log jam at the bottom of the list to start things off. So far, some solid tunes. I Want You Back stands up against anything Michael Jackson ever recorded. Clothes Off is not one of my favorite songs, but it’s fun party music and I can see why I didn’t skip when I had the chance. Sledgehammer was one of my favorite songs growing up – partially because of the kick-ass music video (check the link). Ike Reilly might not be a well know artist, but if you’ve ever seen iO’s TJ and Dave, then you know how this one got on the list.

24. INXS, Need You Tonight – Perhaps the sexiest song of all time. Nine Inch Nails’ Closer is right there with this one though. I’m surprised the modern world of hip hop hasn’t sampled this gem to death.

23. Phoenix, 1901 – I like to think of this tune as the Warm Milk song. For those not in the know, they are an award winning Chicago sketch group. Warm Milk includes four of the funniest people I know and I feel lucky to call ‘em friends. This Phoenix song ain’t bad either.

22. Everclear,Santa Monica– One of the underrated bands on the 90’s in my mind. Come on, who doesn’t want to “watch the world die!”

21. Eminem, The Real Slim Shady – One of my favorite artists of all-time (along with the Beatles, Nirvana, the Clash and Jay-Z – and probably like ten others I just forgot). It’s funny, three of Marshall Mathers songs are on this list, but I wouldn’t say that’s my top three for Mr. Slim Shady (My Name Is, Kill You, Love The Way You Lie).

20. The Temptations, Ain’t Too Proud to Beg – What a tune. This one never gets old. Ever. I do a vocal warm-up each and every day. When I’m done, without fail, this is this song I want to start singing every time. “I know you want to leave me…”

19. 50 Cent, If I Can’tSublime; Santeria, Hall and Oates; You Make My Dreams Come True; Rancid, Radio – We have another log jam at 19. Technically, this should be songs 19-22, but, heck, I screwed up the countdown and I already typed all the stuff you just read. So, these four are #19. Briefly, there are probably a dozen or so song of Fitty’s I like more than If I Can’t – including Magic Stick, In Da Club and Get Up to name a few – but this is about play counts, people. Santeria I used to listen to all the time while training my voice. I still have some recordings of me singing that one before I could carry a tune. You Make My Dreams Come True is just pure, concentrated gold. The musical interlude in from 500 Days of Summer that includes this gem is hard to top. Finally, when I was in college I went and saw Rancid in concert a couple times. Once I was right up near the stage and a girl bit me under the arm. Their music makes people do strange things.

18. Gabrielle and Troy, Breaking Free – Um… Yeah. So, for those not in the loop, this song is from the High School Musical Soundtrack. Call it a guilty pleasure, I guess. Back when I was working on Sara Lee, we had a partnership with the Disney franchise and I was forced, yes, “forced” to watch the movie (and the sequel – I still haven’t seen the third – yet). Anywho, it’s sugary pop goodness- Crap. I’m not going to try and justify it. Let’s just pretend I’d didn’t type all these words.

18. Andrew Llyod Weber, King Herod’s Song – The real #18. Hmm… Manufactured teen pop to musical theatre. We’ve hit a rough spot in my Top 25. Regardless of your musical taste, this is an amazing tune. I’ve used it for auditions. Given that it’s been a “work” requirement, we’ll skip this one too.

18. Pitbull, Krazy – The real, real #18. Final answer Regis. This is a great party song. Of course, it’s crazy with a “K.” That’s… crazy. Not sure if we’ve made any improvements from the last two. Let’s just move on.

17. Good Charlotte, I Don’t Want to Be in Love (Dance Floor Anthem) – If this song came on right now, I’d probably skip it. But, clearly, there was a time when I liked listening to it.

16. Foo Fighters, Band on the Run – Considering I’ve owned this song for a little over a year, this ranking is quite the accomplishment. I randomly flipped on PBS 12 plus months ago, and watched Dave Grohl play this cover at a Paul McCartney tribute at the White House. It changed my life (see link).

15. Everclear, Vovlo Driving Soccer Mom – The second listing of Art Alexakis and crew. Kind of surprising to me too. This song rocks though. So, it’s not that surprising. Seriously, “where did all the pornstars go?”

14. The Beatles, Can’t Buy Me Love – The first sighting of my favorite artists of all time. If anyone has a problem with the fab four, well, then we have a problem. Seriously. I’ll fight you.

13. The Beastie Boys, Make Some Noise – Definitely not my favorite Beastie tune (Brass Monkey) or even my second (Hey Ladies). It probably doesn’t even rank in my top ten, but it has the benefit of being recent (and having an incredible music video).

12. Bruno Mars and Travie McCoy, Billionaire – So this song is what a year old? I’ve had iTunes for at least five years or so. So, this ranking is rather impressive. Then again, not so much. If you were shopping in downtown Chicago two weeks ago, I could be seen waiting in front of a McDonalds for a friend singing, dancing and performing the heck out of this song for a good 20 minutes. People seemed to enjoy what I was doing.

11. Wu Tang Clan, Shame on a N*gga – I feel like I could get in trouble for simply typing the “N” word. It’s a killer song, but let’s just move on.

10. Notorious BIG, Hypnotize – I always liked Jay-Z better, but, heck this man knew how to bring it. Big ups to Brooklyn.

9. Eminem, My Mom – You guys… Slim Shady loves his Mom. Seriously.

8. Green Day, Jesus of Suburbia – Billy Joe Armstrong and company catapulted from one of my favorite 25 to 50 bands to top ten status after I saw them at Lollapalooza. They have such an amazing catalog. Jesus of Suburbia is my favorite. It’s a ten minute song that I’ve owned for a year. If it were a clean three, it would probably be number one.

7. Notorious BIG, Going Back to Cali – Two in the top ten. B-I-DOUBLE-G-I-E. A must have on the ultimateCaliforniaplaylist.

6. Eminem, Cum on Everybody – This is his “dance song” from his first album and I like it, but not this much. I’m pretty sure it ended up on a playlist that I listened to for way too long. On a separate note, he misspelled come…

5. The Beatles – Eight Days a Week – I love me some Beatles. There are days when I’ll just listen to their music exclusively. If I was trapped on a desert island, I’d take their library with me and listen (eight days a week). See what I did there…

4. The Killers, All These Things I’ve Done – I’ve got soul, but I’m not a solider. I’ll leave it at that.

3. The Beatles, Help! – Hmm… I guess this is my favorite Beatles song.

2. Girl Talk, Shut the Club Down – Greg Gillis is very good at what he does. In my mind, this is his best.

The Real Top 17 – To be honest, I cheated. I had to alter my list. Otherwise, it would be a rather boring countdown. By play count, the Top 11 songs are all from a Vocal Warm-Up I do every day and I’ve played each track thousands of times. The next six songs are all ones I had to sing in a musical play I did last summer: Areosmith, Angel, Rod Stewart, Da You Think I’m Sexy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Under the Bridge, The Tramps, Disco Inferno, David Bowie and Queen’s, Under Pressure and The Cars, Just What I Needed. All great songs. Some of which may have made this list on their own, but their play counts are drastically skewed and as a result disqualified from consideration. So, the number one song is… (drum roll, please)

1. The All-American Rejects, Gives You Hell – So, is this my favorite song? Not by a long shot. Do I even own more than one AAR song? Well, actually, yes (Move Along is pretty good too). But, the numbers don’t lie. Clearly, I’ve danced in front of my mirror or danced around my neighborhood and belted this one out more than once. 222 times to be exact.

All right, that’s the list! Now go ahead… Judge me!


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