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The Voice Guy: Wonderful Resource For Vocal Training

The other day I was reviewing some info on the Acting Studio website and was investigating one of their instructors – Kate Devore. As I was digging around, I stumbled across the Voice Guy – Eric Armstrong.

From his website:

Eric is a dialect, voice, speech and text coach based in Toronto, Canada, where he normally teaches full-time at York University’s Dept. of Theatre.  Eric has been teaching voice for the actor full-time since 1994, and has taught in Canada and the US, at the University of WindsorBrandeis UniversityRoosevelt University and York University. He has worked for nationally and internationally recognized companies such as Crow’s TheatreSoulPepper, & CanStage in Toronto, and The Court Theatre and Steppenwolf in Chicago.

On his website – www.voiceguy.ca – Eric offers a fantastic warm-up series for free. You can read along, listen to the audio files or download them to your computer and slash or iPod. Basically, you can be led by a vocal coach in the privacy of your own home. I’m a believer that the breath is one of the secrets to life and the voice a critical skill most actors don’t develop enough.

I’m often asked by fellow actors about where they can study voice in Chicago. You can sign up for a thousand different improv classes, but finding a great resource for your voice ain’t easy. I’d highly recommend a couple books: Kristin Linklater’s “Freeing the Natural Voice” and Patsy Rodenburg’s “The Actor Speaks.” I’m still searching for a vocal coach that earns the coveted Charles Seal of Approval. But, luckily, I found the Voice Guy. He certainly gets my recommendation. To learn more, you can visit his website or link directly to the warm-ups below:

The Basic Warm-up Series

The Intermediate Warm-up Series

The Advanced Warm-up Series

The Speech Warm-up Series



2 Responses to “The Voice Guy: Wonderful Resource For Vocal Training”

  1. Thanks for the link! I’m now doing a series on Intelligibility.

    Posted by Eric Armstrong the voiceguy | March 29, 2012, 8:43 pm


  1. […] Linklater’s “Freeing the Natural Voice” and Patsy Rodenburg’s “The Actor Speaks.” The Voice Guy is another find that I highly, highly […]

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